On Technology

One of the greatest things about escape room games is how it brings people together. For an entire hour, a group of friends, family, or coworkers are stuck in a small room with nothing but their brains and each other. They have to learn how to work together, how to communicate. We see groups all […]

Escape Room Themes

The themes of our Escape Room was important as considered our business plan and a target audience. We knew that there were a common set of game scenarios between the 1000’s of Escape Rooms around the world, so did we plan to have themes that we knew were successful elsewhere or consider our target market and […]

Escape Rooms as seen on TV

As the popularity of Escape Rooms has increased so has the inclusion of Escape Games on TV programs. Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Two Broke Girls and the Ellen Show have all featured Escape Games. The Science Channel had a whole series, Race to Escape, where teams raced against each other in identical rooms. The Science […]

Padlocks, Keypads and Tech

A number of Escape Rooms we have played consist of mainly finding keys and unlocking padlocks to find the next clue. There is nothing wrong with that, we have enjoyed those games but at Escape Now, you will find a number of different locks and devices to help you move on in the game. 3 […]

What is an Escape Room?

So what is an Escape Room?!  An Escape Room is a real-life escape game. Escape games have gained popularity in recent years, starting in Asia, moving through Europe before opening in the US. Escape games are an interactive adventure game where groups of people are ‘locked’ in a room with other participants and solve clues and […]